"My dogs loved it! They all went back in the kitchen looking for more. Will definitely be making this a regular purchase for them." – Joanna D.

“Rosie gets excited when she hears me open the Mutt Loaf, she loves it! Little piggy inhales it in 2 seconds. Right now I am feeding her 1/2 dry food and 1/2 Mutt Loaf, but I might cut out the dry completely after I get through the 50 lb bag I bought last month!” – Laurie M.

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"My dogs absolutely love it!! They now go nuts every time I get anything out of the fridge that has foil on it." – Lauren W.

From Distributor Melissa Lentz & Our Customers

Mine loved it!!!! I even gave some to my foster puppy and she gobbled it up. It won over the canned food she had in her bowl already." – LuAnn

“This homemade dog food is incredible! I just heated a meatball. My dogs loved it!! I cook their toppers but this saves me so much time and has all the added good stuff. Thanks Melissa!” – Lisa Z.

More Testimonials

"My dogs are a huge fan! I highly recommend the meatballs! I give 2 1/2 every night!" – Marion A.

“My dogs just finished their Mutt Loaf dinner and they are SO happy!! Even my impossible to please 3 lb, 14 year old, toothless Maltese is happy (& typically doesn’t eat soft food)! What is the most I can order?” – Jennifer N.

After tons of independent research, many years in animal rescue, opinions of dozens of vets, and the recent discovery of various contaminants (arsenic, mercury, lead, BPA, pentobarbital, etc.) in several five-star "premium" dog foods, I've come to the conclusion that the vast majority of commercial dog food is terrible. I’ve started feeding my dogs a locally-sourced, locally-produced 'frozen fresh' dog food.  I love this product (and I love supporting local, small businesses) so much that I've become a distributor for it. Here's what my customers have to say about the product: