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How much should I feed my dog?  The rule of thumb recommended by vets for an adult dog is 2 servings per day that total 2-3% of the dog’s body weight.  Amounts will vary according to age and activity level.  Examples below are for feeding as a staple:


      10 lb. dog – 4 oz./day – 8 days from a 2 lb. loaf (16 - 2 oz. servings)

      20 lb. dog – 8 oz./day – 4 days from a 2 lb. loaf (8 - 4 oz. servings)

      40 lb. dog – 16 oz./day – 2 days from a 2 lb. loaf (4 – 8 oz. servings)

(Mutt Mini Meatballs weigh about 1 oz. each.)


Always store LML in an airtight container.  In your freezer, it will last up to 6 months.  Once thawed, store in your refrigerator and use within 7 days of thawing.What is Lucy’s Mutt Loaf made of? 
Each batch starts with quality, human-grade ingredients including 40% REAL meat (ground turkey & ground beef – no bones or by-products).  Adding whole eggs, sweet potatoes, carrots, rolled oats, green beans, brown rice, green peas, milled flax seed, beef bone broth, olive oil, fish oil, calcium, parsley, basil and turmeric provide nutrition, flavor, and makes digestibility easier. 

Use LML as a stand-alone food staple.  It also makes a delicious topper.  Our Mutt Mini Meatballs are a perfect way to administer pills.

Frequently Asked Questions