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​Time to Make More

Mutt Loaf!

THANK YOU to all our loyal customers!  If you're happy, we're happy!

“Hi Melissa, I am just letting you know that my pups love the food, so I will be needing more of it. Are there bigger bags of the meatballs by chance? I am rationing out what I have, but they love it so will need more soon. Thanks so much!” – Michelle W.

“My dogs love it! So much better than the store bought tube stuff.” – Karen D.

“Melissa, my dogs love the food! I’d like to order another 15 loaves and 10 meatballs.” – Debbie R.

“My super picky dog was the true test, and you passed with flying colors on the Mutt Loaf!” – Lara Shaw

“Penny is crazy for that mutt loaf!” – Tyler C.

“Bella loves it! I’m even saving a bag for my sister’s pups.” – Melissa S.

The Mutt Loaf is a hit!  ​I took your tip of using it for hiding pills, especially these huge fish oil pills my Lab is taking right now, which are challenging to hide in cheese. It's also a great supplement to their dog food, especially when they are not eating as well as they should from the chemo. I'm so glad I stopped by your booth this weekend!

My dogs jump around in circles when I open the Mutt Loaf package.  They love it and seem much more satisfied.  I will need to order more.  Julie C.

Big & small -- both dogs love it!  ​My American Bulldog, Howie, is a huge Lucy's Mutt Loaf fan, as well as my little Shih Tzu, Jelly Bean.  As a pet sitter, I have told all of my customers about Lucy's Mutt Loaf and now they are loyal fans, too!

We need more!  ​Can we get 4 more loaves before next Tuesday?  Nick is really enjoying it!  Mary Jane & Roger S.