Lucy's Bone Broth - Now Available!

Lucy's Bone Broth is the newest addition to our product line! Each batch starts with quality, human-grade ingredients. Selected marrow-filled beef bones are first slow-roasted to enhance the flavor.  After adding the bones to filtered water, we add apple cider vinegar which draws the nutrients out from the bones and bone marrow.  Then we add carrots, celery, parsley, and turmeric for additional nutrients and a flavor combination dogs love!  Each batch is simmered for 24 hours, cooled, packaged, and frozen.

​What is the best way to serve Lucy's Bone Broth?  The easiest way is to open the resealable pouch, pour it into a bowl, and watch your dog lap it up!  You can spoon it over Lucy's Mutt Loaf for an extra boost of flavor and nutrition.  The broth is also soothing to your dog's upset tummy, helping with digestion and calming stomach or intestinal inflammation.

How long does it keep?  As with all our products, we do not add any artificial preservatives.  In your freezer, the bone broth will last up to 6 months.  Once thawed, store in your refrigerator and use within 7 days of thawing.  For your convenience, Lucy's Bone Broth comes in an easy-pour resealable package that you may use for storage.

24 Fl. Oz. Bone Broth

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