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Serving suggestions:  For our 65 pound Lab mix, Cody, we serve a 3" slice of Mutt Loaf in the morning (and "hide" his meds inside).  For dinner, he gets a 3" slice of Mutt Loaf.  Serving size will vary based on the size and age of your dog. The rule of thumb recommended by vets for an adult dog is 2 servings per day that totals 2-3% of the dog's total body weight.  See our Product Information page for more serving size tips!

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How it all began:  Lucy's Mutt Loaf was created especially for one of our rescued black Labs.  For the first five years of her life, Lucy lived in a puppy mill receiving very limited care.  She was "skin and bones" when we rescued her and her living conditions resulted in the loss of several teeth.  Lucy's parents, Tom and Teresa Patek,  started researching dog food to find the best possible combination of ingredients that she could manage to eat comfortably.  After cooking for her for several years, we found the perfect recipe that provides balanced nutrition for adults dogs.  After testing and gaining a license with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, we began production!  That's how Lucy's Mutt Loaf was born!

​How you can purchase our products:  Lucy's Mutt Loaf, Mutt Mini Meatballs, Bone Broth, Mutt Muffins, and Mutt Munchies are made in small batches and sold through local distributors in Johns Creek, GA, as well as through home delivery and local events.  Please contact us and we will connect you with a location near you!

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